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The Story

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Founded over 12 years ago Mimm is a Black Led creative community based in the UK where people could come together through their shared passion of music, fashion and art.
As Mimm stands today, we have evolved in to a creative studio and open collaborative space where we believe we can all create and elevate when we collaborate.
Mimm stands for ‘Music is my Motive’ and music is a huge source of inspiration and the driving force behind the brand. We stand with the creatives, the artists, the musicians, and believe they are all essential to a healthy community. 
As part of the Mimm collective we have been blessed to meet and mentor some of Nottingham’s finest, from musicians like Ella Knight to award winning product designers like Mac Collins. When you buy your garms from Mimm, that money goes back into enriching the community through our creative agency of talented artists and entrepreneurs.
At the heart of Mimm we have the music, the fashion and the art but the soul of the movement comes from the family we have built through creative collaboration and a shared passion for connection and positive change.