Mimm Studios


Mimm Studios


Mimm Studios is made up of creatives and independents from various different fields - Animators, Web Developers, Online Marketeers, Photographers, Film Makers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Copywriters, Art Directors, Events Management, DJs, Producers, Fashion, Food and Design.

Our Ethos

• Work hard and be bless to people

• Create inspirational spaces for work and play

• Look out for each other, collaborate, be stronger together

• Peddle independents and creatives in our great city

• Incubate and provide opportunities for creative talent

• Create great partnerships - Do big things

Desk Rental & Space Hire

Community and collaboration is key, we believe that when you have like minded people in the same place amazing things can happen this is why in 2024 we will be offering Co-working Hot Desks to rent for like minded individuals through out the week (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) as well as versatile space hire weekday evenings and all day weekends.

UPDATE : We have one space available for Co-Working get in touch. We also hire our space weekday evenings or Weekends please get in touch - mimmstudios@outlook.com

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