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Blog 3

ColdLife is an invitation into a new era of grime. One that remains lyrically gritty and hard hitting, but is sonically softer, somewhat sad, emphasising the vulnerability of the music and lyricism. It’s refreshing, in a genre that is too often stigmatised for aggression, to have this frustration reframed. The record’s complexity shines through a multitude of avenues. Frost’s productions are simultaneously melodic and moody, setting the perfect backing to Kyeza’s raw, emotive style - unexpected, but undoubtedly a match to marvel at.

Unpredictable pairings become somewhat of a theme; in True Dark the wild west meets dark and dingy dubstep and in Nightfriends’ haunting violins sit at odds with the UK Drill style 808 bassline. Frost is flexing here, with genre clashes packing a powerful punch. Despite these merging sounds, ColdLife never comes across as overproduced. In a true less is more fashion, much of the album seems stripped back, which serves to add rather than detract from the overall feeling. 

ColdLife delivers track to track, but also acts as a demonstration of the talent and versatility of both Frost and Kyeza. Been ‘Ard decelerates down to 90bpm, Off Sick flaunts an upbeat bassline and I Got serves RnB vibes with gospel like harmonies. The variety of sounds feels far from fragmented and the process of production plays a big part in this.