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Blog 1

‘It’s been a long time coming to be fair’ says Frost, who grew up streets down from MC Kyeza in Nottingham. Hailing from NG5 the pair were born and raised in close proximity, but didn’t come to work together until March 2020. As 2022 came to a close, their much anticipated collaboration ColdLife was released. For seasoned grime heads, newcomers, or anyone lusting for their next 140bpm fix, this one’s not to be missed. 
Cinematic and drawn out in its opening, ColdLife takes us by the hand and gently guides us into a dark, moody soundscape. ‘It’s called cold life for a reason, life ain't sweet, it ain't easy. This is a product of our environment, the music I make is a reflection of things I’ve witnessed and been through’ says Frost, who’s carefully created something cold in name and nature.