Gangsta Wraps - Big Puns (Black)

Set in Nottingham during the ‘Toxi-food’ era; This six part series chronicles the rise of an underground rap crew who work at various fast food joints earning their keep whilst breaking their name on the local Hip Hop scene. After discovering the dark reality behind their employers global franchise, these rappers became furious like the five and vow to take down Ronald McDonald and help inspire change in the bellies of the masses. The crew broke bread March 9th 2016, and GM UNIT was formed with the sole aim of performing nothing less than the iconoclastic overthrow of the fast food industry, ousting clown, colonel and king in a hostile takeover toppling what would later become known as the ‘Toxi-food’ era, with Gangsta Wraps, their own nutritious alternative to the age of factory farmed, chemically laden crack food which has brought serious disease epidemics into Nottingham. In order to achieve this, GM UNIT must also take out KFC and Burger King along the way. New to the block, Gangsta Wraps soon starts stackin’ dough.. an inevitable turf war breaks out between the fast food giants. Civilians and later even law enforcement officials become loyal to Gangsta Wraps, who become depicted in the tabloids as vigilantes, supplying what grows into mass demand for excellent fast food. As kingpins of the game, McDonalds, KFC and Burger King won’t go down easily, so with hapless and easily corruptible law enforcement hot on their tails, an inevitable war breaks out on the streets leaving an entire nation with food for thought.

*As the heat rises between the fast food cartels, GM UNIT release their mixtape and explode as a (W)rap crew, turning the world’s attention to the most shocking scenes of fast food violence the restaurant industry has ever seen since Dandy Dan splurged Fat Sam, forging what became later known as the food/music genre: Gangsta Wrap

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