Quality ethical clothing, for everyday wear.
Sustainable Streetwear, that’s made to last.
Ethical attire, for the people and the planet.
Our Ethos
Fast fashion is out of control and it’s having a huge impact on our planet and our people. Mimm’s ethos is to slow down the pace with ethically-made, sustainable clothes that stand the test of time with quality materials and timeless designs.
Slower fashion
For the eco-conscious souls out there, we know how important it is to invest in products which last. Our clothing maintains its shape, colour and quality over the years keeping it hanging up in your wardrobe and out of landfill.
Our clothes are made from the best organic materials, sourced ethically by our like-minded partners. The sustainable production of G.O.T.S Organic Cotton minimizes our impact on the planet, by reducing chemical and water waste. 
We sell many limited edition pieces designed by local artists. When you treat yourself to some new threads, half the profit makes its way to the artist helping to enrich the community. This connection to the artist also makes these pieces less throw-away.
We’ve elevated our ethos, not the cost. Our transition to 100% organic materials hasn’t affected the price. We are here to make the sustainable option affordable.