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Bringing the people Bass & Vibes since 2007. Whether it be a Club, Basement, warehouse, forest or field we bring the bass & vibe... 
Jungle, Garage, Bassline, Dub, House, Dubstep, Hiphop and everything in-between.

Started in 2007 at the late great Blueprint Club on Alfreton rd which was a club that has been a true part of the Nottingham underground scene. S
eeing through many generations of jungle, tekno, house, drum & bass, garage & bashment scenes. We were very lucky to be a part of the culture and memories that came with the club. 
At the ages of 17 to 18 we started putting on our own raves, booking oldskool jungle headliners alongside dubstep headliners in a dark room with a hench soundsystem.

Wince putting on raves at Blueprint we got heavily interested in Soundsystems and the work that comes with it. After using many different rigs at our nights we have been working closely with 20hz Soundsystem from Sheffield since the end of 2009. After a massive 2 years at Blueprint lifting so many speakers up and down the stairs and seeing so many oldskool artists bless the decks, the venue shut down in 2009 due to sound restrictions, since then we have used many different venues in Nottingham continuing to bring you bass and vibes. Including random house parties, free parties and the Beluga warehouse parties.