Lusty Arts - Universal Lovers 

LUSTYARTS is an art collective and record label co-founded by funk band COFFEE CLUB (Conrad Ellis known as TONYSPARK and Eddie McCarthy); as a platform for them to release and showcase their own music and art. LUSTYARTS is all about having fun whist creating and bringing people together with one mission in mind; to collaborate, explore and inspire each other in order to reach new levels. The collective has an eclectic mix of artists with a range of styles not limited to; but ranging from: Funk, Electronic, Acid-Jazz, R&B, Alternative Hip-Hop and Psychedelic Rock just to name a few.
Artists and bands featured on the compilation include COFFEE CLUB who played a live electronic-funk set at Wigflex City Festival earlier this year, BEATBABY who has previously released music on Brownswood Records as a Future Bubbler. 


Exploration Compilation Pt.2 

‘Mimm Exploration Compilation Vol 2’ sees Mimm keep things local once again inviting tracks from Nottingham affiliated artists including Magicwire’s Lone, First Word Records’ Yazmin Lacey, Chord Mauraders’ duo Congi and Running Circle co-founder Pete Beardsworth in addition to the likes of Wigflex artist Metske, Warren Xclnce who is one half of Kassian, Saulya, Jimi Perspective and many more. ‘Mimm Exploration Compilation Vol 2’ fuses an assortment of eclectic styles; whether the smooth, jazztinged grooves of Pete Beardsworth’s ‘Homecoming’or the drifting tones and euphoric textures from ‘Between The Wind And Clouds’ by Lone – founder of Magicwire and R&S Records regular.


Congi Nine Sessions 


Nine Sessions is the new EP from Nottingham duo Congi, their first outing on Mimm following releases on Chord Marauders. Their first hip-hop album, it blends their previous dub influenced style with a classic sampling approach to beat-making. Created as a concept piece, this project includes a 32 page comic designed by Ink Soup: the music and art depicting a day-in-the-life narrative of the protagonist, a heist character. The end result is a fully rounded sound, fusing rugged sample cuts with warm drums and textural chords.


From China With Love 

The release has been curated by Mimm Collective member Mos Isley, originally from China he has brought together a EP featuring a host of his homegrown musical compadres.

Launching on 14th of Feb (Valentines Day) with the aim is to show a different perspective of Chinese culture.


Exploration Compilation

After a refurbishment, lick of paint and a re-opening it’s time for Mimm to have a stretch, limber up and round up where they are musically. Their first compilation for over two years shows the journey deeper into the world of electronic soul music, slowed down tempos and doped-out beatsmiths which they have taken.

Mimm have drawn from their talented international collective with fresh dubplates from the likes of in-house producers Congi, Philippe Edison, Metske, Saulya, Warren Xclnce, Mos Isley, Pete Beardsworth, H725, Bruises and Melo Zed. As well as having a few select cuts from internationally acclaimed producers who have graced their events over the past years from Lone (R&S), Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge), Quest (Deep Medi), Flako, Submerse (Project Mooncircle) and Kaelin Ellis (Florida).

It’s an eclectic and brave offering with a general sound that leans heavily on ambient and psychedelic hip hop and house, drenched in warm analogue colours, nostalgic samples and soulful melodies, all the while with a keen awareness of more subtle classical compositions. Throughout there’s a distinct flavour of smoked whiskey-bar jazz riffs grounded in a gritty UK, bass-heavy setting and as musical round-ups go, for Mimm, this is definitely a coming of age compilation.