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Jeremy Prince

Jeremy Prince (aka PRINCē) started DJing in the late 1980s spinning vinyl for school parties . He helped to pioneer the Rave, Drum n Bass and House scene in Nottingham during the early 90s.  He founded the Goodtimes DJ crew in the mid 90s which hosted packed monthly Sunday soul sessions and the now legendary Boat Parties. He’s now self-employed as a professional DJ and has residencies around Nottingham. In addition to spinning tunes, he performs at festivals locally and internationally as well as organising them. His musical style is more open-format (since going digital) but originated from his love of Soul, Funk, Jazz and Reggae. Essentially, he's just a massive fan of bass lines. Check out his {named to confirmed} show where he'll be exploring the world of bass lines from multiple genres including soul, rap, breaks, soulful house and dub.