Blog 5 - Mimm


Blog 5


ColdLife is sonorous and unique, layered and complex whilst retaining rawness and never coming across as over-complicated. Entirely original in its energy whilst remaining reminiscent of the music it draws influence from. This one’s going to be hard to top.  

So, what next? Kyeza and Frost are currently wrapping up their next project, Top Of The Roof. Due to drop in early March, some inside scoop promises an 11 track Hip-Hop mixtape that acts as a continuation of ColdLife, with similar vibes at a slowed down pace. Summer’s looking hot for the duo as well, so staying locked in to their seemingly unstoppable force is necessary. 

When you make something that means so much to you, you always retain those feelings, good and bad. It drives you, to keep putting that feeling into everything you make going forward’ says Kyeza. 

Whilst it’s not a promise to make or take lightly, there’s no doubt that Frost and Kyeza will continue to deliver. 

Words by Peggy DiGioia-Davies