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Blog 4

Frost tells me that multiple songs are created around the bars, with Kyeza’s talents stretching beyond spitting as he brings co-production into the mix. This passing back and forth between the pair creates cohesion and seamless links between subtle sounds and hard-hitting lyrics. Whilst chatting, it becomes apparent that this slick delivery is essentially effortless. ‘I don’t try to be different’, Kyeza puts it simply, ‘even when approaching other genres, or the deeper, darker subjects. That’s how I create a signature sound, I want people to recognise a Kyeza track when they hear it’.  

In spite of its intricacies and innovation, ColdLife is undeniably grime. With samples that those who know will recognise, such as What’s The Costs’ Dizzee hook and flute loops throughout the album – a staple since the genre’s conception. There is no confusion for the listener as to what exactly they are tuning in to. ‘Everything naturally sits together because the process was so organic, it makes sense as a body of work’, Kyeza muses, before shouting out ColdLife’s featuring artists, ‘creating something that truly represents us wouldn’t have been possible without them’.