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Blog 2

‘I’ve wanted to make this since I was 15’ - for Frost, ColdLife is an amalgamation of his work and growth as a producer over the past 2 decades. It’s been a long journey from late night bare-bones bedroom production to managing industry standard DTR - a studio space turned community hub, busy and bustling with creative bodies constantly passing through. The record is a landmark collaboration for him and Kyeza, whose practices have run parallel until now. Self-assured in its softness, ColdLife is unlike either artist's previous releases.

As a producer it can be hard to convey emotion, you’re navigating it all through sound’. There’s a beautiful sadness to the record, alongside an undeniable aggression. Kyeza speaks freely on the ‘pain and anguish’, a dominating Notts accent shining through in a scene all too saturated with southern voices. It’s forceful, as sound facilitates storytelling and Frost creates a space to let Kyeza’s bars breathe. A sermon on real experience, Kyeza spits about his life, never shying away from hard times. Off the record, he is similarly frank in his vulnerability, ‘(being vulnerable in) my music has 100% developed me personally. With expression you can’t go half way, you’ve got to dive all the way in’, he says, with a side eye and wry smile, ‘plus it helps to let off some steam sometimes’