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Grey Peddling Tee, Lets Build Fam Hoodie (in-store sale), White Horus Tee (in-store sale), Hypnotic Induction Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker.

You can’t go wrong with a simple and understated wardrobe, opt for neutral tones of navy, black and white with minimal branding and light layers. Any of these items can be paired with again, neutral tones in your trouser, jacket, shoe (etc) choice, or it opens up the ability to pair it with a bold colourful trainer, for example. These picks create a capsule wardrobe that never goes out of style and is easy to create outfits with everyday. The Human Nature Windbreaker is easily worn with denim/trousers or tracksuit bottoms and is an ideal lightweight layer for British spring wear, as is the Let’s Build Fam Hoodie.


  • Green trousers, Grey Peddling Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker, Grey/Neutral Trainers
  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms, White Tee, Lets Build Fam Hoodie, Bold Trainers


Essentials Quarter Zip, Hypnotic Induction Tee, Let's Build Fam Hoodie (in-store sale), Human Nature Coach Jacket.

For further layering idea’s, the Essentials Quarter Zip and Human Nature Coach jacket are both super easy to style over anything. Both can be layered over neutral or bolder colours and allows plenty of leeway to experiment with your colour palette and layering techniques and know that it’s pretty easy to not get it wrong with these staple items.


  • Black Trousers, Hypnotic Induction Tee, Essentials Quarter Zip, Orange Trainers
  • Straight Leg Denim, Let’s Build Fam Hoodie, Human Nature Coach Jacket, Canvas Trainers


Essentials LS Tee, Best Indies LS Tee (in-store sale). 
Long sleeve tee’s are ideal for the current transitional weather we’re having, and also a slightly smarter option for the evening when a Short sleeve tee is too casual. The Essentials Tan Tee is perfect for adding a colour variation into your wardrobe which you probably don’t already have, but doesn’t go as bold as bright orange for example, if that’s a little out of your comfort zone.

  • Navy Trousers, Essentials Tan Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker, Bold/Neutral Trainers
  • Black Shorts, Best Indies Tee, White Trainers


Lichtenstein Tee (in-store sale), Conscious Dance Dr Banana Tee, Travis Scott SCRT Tee.

As we head into the warmer months, you can start to introduce louder prints and pops of colour, such as with the Lichtenstein Tee, and black is still a viable option too. Hold on to your bolder colours for when the weather really takes off, or if you love colour no matter the season, opt for the Hypnotic Induction Tee, the bold but almost dark orange is ideal.


  • Black Trousers, Any Tee, Human Nature Coach Jacket, Bold/Neutral Trainers
  • Navy Shorts, Any Tee, Let’s Build Fam Hoodie, Neutral Trainers

Keithy Tee, Peak Tee (in-store sale), Mimm Essentials Tee (in-store sale).

Monochrome doesn’t just mean black and white, it also refers to varying tones of one colour. Everyone has blue in their wardrobe because it goes with everything. Without realising it we wear blue on blue often due to the traditional denim colour. These bold t-shirts are an easy item to throw on and know that it will look good with whatever else you choose to style it with. Pair with shorts on a warmer day or jeans / trousers / tracksuit bottoms for more warmth and easily layer with a light jacket or hoodie. As we’re in that limbo between one day being roasting, and the next you need 2 hoodies on, this is great time to play with monochromatic colour schemes that are simple yet effective.


  • Dark Straight Leg Jeans, Kiethy Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker, Orange Trainers
  • Black Trousers, Any Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker, Neutral Trainers


Nottinghamgonia Tee, Keithy Tee, Travis Scott SCRT Tee, Independent Trading Tee (in-store sale).

If you’re happy to go bolder then start experimenting with colours and prints and how you style them. For example, pick out the orange or purple in the Nottinghamonia Tee (our current fave) and wear a bold trouser in this colour. This is a super simple trick that allows bold outfit choices that still look well thought out.


  • Black Trousers, Yellow Independent Trading Tee, Navy Essentials Quarter Zip, Canvas Trainers
  • Purple Trousers, Nottinghamgonia Tee, Human Nature Windbreaker, White Trainers


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