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Hidden Lines by cosmic quintet, Kinkajous is out now on Nottingham label, Running Circle, also home to Mimm family members Yazmin Lacey & Pete Beardsworth.

Following the release of their teaser track ‘Jupiter’ last year which set the tone for hypnotic and layered, groove based jazz, their first single ‘Black Idiom’ dropped last Friday which you can watch here…


Kinkajouse - Black Idiom Pt.|+|| (Giant Steps Session)


The group is made up of:

Adrien Cau – Tenor Saxophone/Bass Clarinet

Benoît Parmentier – Drums/ Production

Andres Castellanos – Bass

Jack Doherty – Synths

Maria Chiara Argirò – Keys


Their second single ‘Loake’ is set to drop on May 24th in preparation for the album release on vinyl and digital on June 7th. The album was recorded by long-term collaborator Jim Mcrae (Jordan Rakei) at Old Paradise Audio and mixed by Brendan Williams, who worked with Gogo Penguin on their Mercury Prize nominated 2014 album.


A compelling mix of tonalities and influences, drawn from their London home, Kinkajous have condensed their diverse experiences from across the artistic spectrum – orchestral to jazz, world and electronic – into a transcendental exploration of sound and time.


The group are a truly innovative and eclectic coming together of musicians, experimenting with melodies of electronic, wind and percussion to create ethereal and powerful tracks.


To experience the beauty and have yourself submersed in subdued sax and a fleeting blast of keys, you can catch them at Rough Trade East (London) on June 8th and Bluedot Festival (Cheshire) July 18th.

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