Notts Native Ever Creative X Jimmy

March 13, 2020 3 Comments

Notts Native Ever Creative X Jimmy

Following the release of his 'Jimmy' EP, I met up with Meshach (A.K.A Jimmy) @younastyson to talk about music, his own sound and Nottingham's sound.  

So we’re fresh off the back of your debut EP, how have you found it?

It’s been really good I’ve had some really good feedback, a lot of people have been asking for more music already, asking me when the music videos are coming. I had a call from a Birmingham radio station who played the whole EP on air and asked me to go down for an interview so I’ve got that lined up next week, it’s called Hot92. Never heard of it before but it’s good to be getting noticed, I’ve also had a couple of cameramen holla me about videos.

Are you going to be releasing any videos yet?

Yeah I’m gonna be dropping one next week, the track titled These ft. Snowy that’s going to be coming out next week around Friday or Saturday.

So, you’re a part of Lusty Arts – how has that helped on your journey to releasing your EP?

So Lusty Arts was originally me and Conrad (@tonysparkz), he is the front man of Lusty and the reason why I make music, we’ve known eachother for years. We started with Space City Collective where there were four of us; me, Conrad, Dirty Harry and Bobby Glow. We did shows at Bodega, Rough Trade, Nottingham Contemporary. That died down because we all had other things going on, I had work, Conrad had uni, life just got in the way for a bit.

What made now feel like the right time for a release?

It’s always been my passion, I just wanted to sort my life out first because I wanted to put 100% of my effort in and for that I needed that stability in my life. Now I’ve got that stability I can commit more time to my music and when I am off work I feel creative, the music I’m writing feels like me, it’s more energetic. I’m also around a lot more producers now.

You’ve mentioned being around more producers has helped you get to where you are, how has the Nottingham music scene and community contributed to where you’re at?

Well obviously being around people who are producing music, writing music it motivates me more and I feel part of a movement. Especially being around Nate, we’ve had a good friendship for years and I’ve met a lot of people through him and through Mimm’s community. Just being in the right place at the right time has helped me and I feel like Nottingham is definitely the right place to be. There’s a great independent scene here, so if you go the right way about it you can network with people who want to work with you. This year, I’m just going head-first into music. I’ll always make music, it’s my passion.

How do you feel like the Nottingham music scene compares with the wider UK scene right now?

I think we have some of the best musicians, not being biased but we genuinely do. I’d say we stand highly, a lot of people know about us but being outside of London it’s harder to get that recognition. That’s why the community is important, when I was first starting music it did feel quite cliquey but over the last 3 years I think that has fizzled out. Everyone should support each other as well as supporting themselves and I think the most important thing is to be your own biggest fan, if you haven’t got faith in your own work then that isn’t going to be portrayed to anyone else. I think at the minute the community is in a good place everyone is wanting to help each other and see each other succeed. Everyone that’s around me makes me feel like I can go to the top, 2020 is the year.

So what can we expect from you in the future?

Hopefully at the end of March, mid-April I will have a new release ready, I’m heading towards a slightly different style that’s more like what I’m into as I’m quite a spiritual person. It’s still fast-paced but the instrumentals will be produced differently, more of a spacey, psychedelic, alternative hip-hop sound.

Words by Phoebe Patrick 

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Love the music! Keep creating man! 🙏🏻💯

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