Notts Women doing bits

March 08, 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of the Nottingham creative galdem who are making moves right now in the community and beyond.

Jade Kelly



Mimm’s very own collaborator seamstress Jade is reclaiming the traditional stereotype of sewing and embroidery as “women’s work”. Whilst it was once something restrictive that our grandmothers and their mothers were taught in school, Jade’s modern influence takes shape in her work through hand-printed patterns and hand embroidery. Jade’s most recent rework of some puffer jackets into trackies embodies her talent and ideas through a piece which combines sustainability with the unisex street edge. There are definitely big things to come from Jade… watch this space.


Dorta (A.K.A Bethan)


Bethan is another babe creating art, specifically nail art. In just over a year Bethan has built up her business from scratch, creating the coolest nail designs whilst cultivating a community by bringing people together through their nails. Reclaiming what is means to be a woman and re-writing “girly” stereotypes, Bethan’s designs feature abstract imagery influenced by her surroundings. Her popularity speaks for itself.



@avarnib @wigflex

With her background in global fashion supply and brand management, Avarni now works as an event producer for Wigflex (@wigflex) – helping with the logistics for their annual festival and other events throughout the year. Wigflex are championing females in a male-dominated industry, with their 2020 city festival line up featuring a whole host of female talent including Helena Hauff, Nottingham’s own Ella Knight and Greentea Peng. Avarni has also been working recently at Confetti’s Industry Week 2020, inspiring a younger generation of creatives.


Emily Catherine


 Emily is a freelance illustrator based in Notts. She produces art influenced heavily by hip hop and music, most recently producing the cover for B-Boy magazine as well as album covers for Micall Parknsun. Emily also inspires young people through her artwork, running workshops for the students at Confetti in this year’s Industry Week. Her art inspires and brings people together and Emily was even noticed by Erykah Badu on Instagram after being commissioned to do a painting of her. Keep your eyes out for our upcoming collab with Emily at Mimm.


Khaya Job


Khaya has grown a creative empowerment platform through her zine Femme Fatale Gals. Now in its second issue, the zine gives women a voice through celebrating vulnerability, empowerment and self-love. As well as this, Khaya has other projects centred around health and wellbeing and has recently finished working on a programme with Loughborough Uni promoting mindfulness for their students. I can’t wait to see more from Khaya and can’t wait for issue 3!


Gayle Bennent


Based in the Creative Quarter in Sneinton Market, Gay is creating art through fashion at her shop Soul and Flare. Combining creativity with sustainability, she recycles old vintage clothing, breathing new life into it through creative reworks and marketing on her depop store. Gay is advocating the movement in climate change through second-hand clothing, actively taking part in extinction rebellion protests and promoting eco-friendly practices.


Ella Knight


Nottingham born-and-bred Ella is a singer-songwriter and part of our Mimm fam. After featuring on records with creatives like Notts artist Bru-C, Ella released her debut single Q&A last year. Ella has since released another single What We Are and recently collaborated with Mimm Radio and Mount Street Studios on the acoustic for Snakes & Ladders with Bru-C. Her immersion in the Notts music scene has contributed to her unique, soulful sound and we can’t wait to see more from Ella as she continues to do bits in the music scene. In the meantime we can listen to some of her unreleased sound over on Youtube:




(Photo by Svitlana Kolesnichenko)

Saziso is a Nottingham-based creative producer and curator, backing the Nottingham creative community through The Anti Gallery (@theantigallery), Curating the Culture (@curatingtheculture_) and She Afriq (@sheafriq). She uses her platform to promote Nottingham’s creatives, including organising the Hockley Wall Residency for our local street artists. Through She Afriq, she has established a collective for female Nottingham-based artists of African heritage, providing a community to empower and elevate.




Mimi is doing bits using her Instagram platform to promote body positivity, self-love and mental health awareness. Using her own empowerment to empower others, Mimi provides a fresh outlook as well as fresh outfits. Her feed is colourful, positive and inspiring and in the age of trolling, we need ambassadors like Mimi who advocate love and kindness online.


Jodhi Needham


Jodhi breathes new life into traditional gothic-style drawings through her design. Not only does Jodhi produce sick illustrations, she also uses her art to promote good, recently creating banners for the #takebackthenight march. Jodhi is one to watch, with her upcoming Mimm collab pending. 

Annasofie Moxon (ZERA TØNIN)

@funkaholicpunk @archfemmesis

Performance artist Anna promotes activism through art as the frontwoman of Arch Femmesis, a post punk art house duo. Arch Femmesis combine fashion art and music into their immersive performances with vocals and synthesised sound. Inspired by the 80s and 90s, they have modernised punk culture into a projection of queerness and experimentalism. You can listen to their recent release – Sapiosexual – on Spotify:


Words by Phoebe Patrick

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