Mimm Store’s design competition winner: Ty Kelley

August 28, 2019

As most of you probably know, we held a design competition where people could submit their T-shirt designs to be featured as a fully made design of the brand. Well, the results are in! We’ve chosen our first winner and will dedicate a whole month to each winner we choose. And now we present to you our August winner: Ty Kelley.

We had a quick chat with Ty about his life and art; check out what he said:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I just recently graduated from Confetti studying Music Technology after studying music for 6 years. Right now, I’m spending time with various hobbies to try and figure out what I want to do now that I’ve graduated. Continuing with my music production, I’ve been dabbling in design and graphics, photography, and trying to get into fashion design too. I consider myself a creative person especially due to most of my hobbies being creative in nature.


How did you get into design?

I don’t think there was ever a wonder moment, but I did reach a point in time where I needed art to go along with the music that I wanted to post online. A few years ago, I got into streetwear and more recently I’ve been interested in making my own designs.


Congrats on winning the competition! What was your inspiration behind your design? I'd be interested to know a bit more about the coordinates you've included in the design.

Thank you! I honestly didn’t expect to be picked out with such a simple design. I took inspiration from Mimm’s own catalogue. I wanted to make one of the more recent details, the coordinates on labels, and make it the main statement of the design. That paired with a minimalist philosophy to blend in with the product range and that’s the inspiration for the design. As for the coordinates, I picked them so when searched into Google Maps, an image of the Mimm store is shown.


What are your goals in terms of creativity?

For now, I’m trying to narrow my design philosophy but in the future I’d like to learn how to print graphics and sew so I can work on creating my own clothing from scratch.


What's your current plan for your designs, career etc?

Not sure I have a plan just yet, but I’m throwing things around and seeing what sticks; time will tell.

 Ooooh the suspense! We are definitely excited for what time will tell us, especially if it’s anything near as great as what we’ve seen so far. We love the uniqueness of his coordinate design and how carefully thought out and detailed the idea was. We also love a good homage to the store. The minimalist philosophy, as he said, fits in perfectly with the brand and this talented individual claimed is truly deserved spot as this month’s winner. Again, I’m blagging on about proactive young creatives; but this quality which our Notts creatives possess truly is inspiring. It is something you already know we admire, as mentioned in the article about Notts creative Chantelle Street. Therefore, we’re here for Ty’s commitment to different creative areas and we can’t wait to see what he produces. I think that what Ty has said about his creative journey is really important and something we can all take from and think about. The way he is exploring different fields is inspiring and yes I’ll say it again – proactive. It’s okay to try different things and find out what you like! The more experience you get the better creative you become and Ty has certainly mastered this process. Good luck and congratulations Ty!

Instagram: @ty09k

By Sophie Castillo

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