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We spoke to the lovely Jordan Chance, a Nottingham based young creative who specialises in many a craft, from fashion design to styling, to hair to dance; Jordan does it all. What really stood out to us about Jordan is her style and how her many talents combine to create an entire style that we are most definitely inspired by and hope you will be too. Jordan Chance is the owner of her own clothing line ‘The Rastafairy’, a name we love and a name that perfectly fits her aesthetic – on point branding at its finest. She is also the co-owner of The House of Shayaa which specialises in hair and produces some amazing looks.

Take a look at what Jordan had to say about her style, life and creativity:

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your creative journey.

My name is Jordan Chance, I'm a 22 year old Dancer, Stylist, Fashion Designer, Natural Hair Specialist & your all round Creative. I grew up in Nottingham, lived & worked in Radford my whole life up until recently where I'm out in the sticks.

How and when did you realise you wanted to design, creative direct and be an all-round creative?

I was 20/21 when I decided that I wanted to be an all-round Creative & make it into a career. I didn't go to Uni because I'm a College dropout so being a 'Jack of all Trades' is something my mentors have instilled in me. I like to take matters into my own hands and teach myself the skills necessary, nowadays there is nothing Youtube can't teach you. 

What inspires your designs?

I trained in a Dance style called Disco Freestyle from the age of 6 through 12. The costumes are cost of my rent if not more, if you couldn't afford it then your Mum would make your costumes if she could sew. We had to opt for the secondhand option because yes my mum did have style (I still wear her clothes till this day lol) she was no seamstress. What really inspires my designs is my experience of the Disco Freestyle Scene. The costumes had thousands of Swarovski crystals, extra feather head dresses & sparkly glitter makeup! Literally the best start of for a lil young creative. Missy Elliot, TLC & Aaliyah heavy influence my designs being A 90' baby too.

Your designs are amazing and embody both feminine beauty and confident big boss energy! How would you describe your personal style and how much does it influence your designs?

My style is authentically old skool, groovy, lil bit classy & extravagant. For the past year I have been the face of my brand (@TheRastafairy) so I wear all my pieces in my everyday looks. My personal style influences my designs a lot. When I create, I channel my everyday aesthetics into the design process, resulting in funky 80's/90's two pieces.

You’re a co-owner of The House of Shayaa. How did you get into doing hair and co owning the business?

I started off doing hair by practising Cainrows on my own hair. My mum then taught me how to Cainrow on other people's hair too. She took a Natural Hair Course back in 2006, during the Summer holidays we would go down London together, with me as her hair model. Learning how to start locs, Braid & everything inbetween on me, I ended up falling in love with all things to do with Afro's! My mum opened up the first Natural Hair Salon in the East Midlands called The House Of Shayaa, I started working as a trainee Loctician at 16, by the time i turned 19/20 I had worked my way upto a managerial position, which propelled me into co-ownig the business with my Mother Shai! 

What are your thoughts on the importance of hair and beauty completing a look and do you have any advice on how to style hair according to the look?

To me, Hair & Beauty come hand in hand when it comes to the completion of a look. It's like the concept of Yin & Yang. You can't have one without the other. My advice on how to style hair according to the look is to experiment! Personally, I like to match my hair colour, eyeshadow & nails to make it that much easier to style a look. 

It’s really impressive how many different creative roles you’ve taken on in order to create such an amazing brand. What are your top tips for juggling several creative leadership roles?

Honestly, a lot of the time i'm just winging it! But I do have some tips that I follow to keep me on top:

• Have a schedule & check yourself to stick to it.
• Plan & execute your goals in a realistix time frame.
• Make time for yourself & your family.
• Exercise!! Release dead energy to let in the new!
• Whatever you do, enjoy yourself every step of the way.

Have you got anything new coming up that we should look out for?

I won't reveal too much, but if you don't see my face on your TV, then you will definetly see my Designs & Hairstyles (@Therastafairy x @thehouseofshayaa) on the big screens!

I am currently building a team & i'm looking for a photographer, videographer, editor & assistant. If you're based in the East Midlands & fit one of these roles, please email

Wow. Jordan Chance really is the true definition of an all-rounder, a woman of many talents, more than a triple threat. We love the way her dance background has inspired her designs because it highlights how much your life experiences can influence your creativity, making her work authentic and personal in a way that really brings out her personality. We love a mum and daughter collab and the way that she used what she learnt about hair growing up and turned it into a beautiful business. Something that also inspires us about Jordan is the fact that she has literally built her brand from the ground up, she mentions how she dropped out of college, a big and brave step for a lot of people, and has used her time to create what we get to see now. She is an amazing young creative who embodies the epitome of being a multitasking boss and is killing it in the notts creative scene! Our recent article about Harleighblu highlighted how much we appreciate a female boss and Jordan is definitely one of these inspiring women. Personally, I see a recurring theme here in Nottingham and I’m definitely here for it. We just wanna say well done to Jordan and that we are so excited to see what the future holds for you! Everybody stay tuned.

Insta: @jordanchance  x @Therastafairy  x @thehouseofshayaa

Photography by Thomas Griffiths

Insta: @_thomasgriffiths

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