Brand Insider: Honest

December 27, 2019

Brand Insider: Honest

Honest is a Skate wear brand that has been circulating the streets of Nottingham since 2017, designer Fred Naylor has been constantly trying to push the boundaries creatively which has seen a great success for business. The OG Rose Logo T-Shirt which was donned by one of the UK's biggest artist Octavian has been a key piece for the brand, forcing a re-release throughout varies seasons.

"The message behind Honest is just to have fun and be yourself, I believe that if you work hard for something you will eventually get there. Without Nottingham I wouldn’t be doing Honest, as I would never have had the opportunity to meet the people that have influenced me to create designs and take up photography. 

Skateboarding has easily been the biggest play behind the brand as its given me the confidence to say f*ck you to people that are against the movement and just want to hold things back! It has also helped me creatively allowing me to realise who my friends are and what my purpose is. Skate culture has a massive influence on the way I dress and the way I design, giving me a subculture that I’ve been part of for years."

The brand was once just a hobby for Fred who would make graphic T-Shirts and sell them to friends who wanted to support him. Fast forward to now, some years later; the goals and aspirations are to become a leading brand in the Skate world.

We are looking forward to seeing what Honest brings us in 2020!


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