Harleighblu: The female anthem

September 04, 2019 1 Comment

With the release of Harleighblu’s new single ‘Queeen Dem’, we are truly feeling the girl power. This incredible collaboration of musician, producer and poet offers us not only a catchy melody and soulful sound, but also an important message. You know we love a good collab and Harleighblue does not fail to give credit to the artists who helped create this masterpiece. Produced by Bluestaeb, the lyrics created by Janne Robinson from her poem ‘This is for the women who don’t give a fuck’ and Harleighblu, the song gives a shout out all the women who do exactly that, don’t give a fuck. If you’re not yet one of these ladies, this song will definitely help you adopt this mentality.

With all the pressures women face now and have throughout history, a musical appreciation of our hardships is something that we at Mimm store will always support. The truth is that the struggle for women hasn’t ended, but Harleighblu’s single encourages us to embrace womanhood along with our struggles. We love the tributes to the independent women, to the women who are going through heartbreak and to the women who take on life with power and bravery. The tributes to the ‘sheroes’ One of my favourite parts is Harleighblu’s shout out to single mothers as single mothers embody some of the upmost strength a human can have.

A bit about Hareighblu: we already know she’s badass from hearing this single, but her list of achievements highlights this further. Queeen Dem was premiered by Highsnobiety, she’s performed on Colors and is most certainly making waves. Her visuals always provide us with a powerful and moving performance; we can see how much she enjoys her craft through her body language and the way she performs and to be honest we are more than happy to see it.

The visuals for Queeen Dem balance perfectly with the song itself, portraying Harleighblu dancing and vibing to her track and several women being themselves and showing us elements of their femininity. The sisterhood represented by the hair salon perfectly embodies the united front the song’s lyrics convey. Queeen Dem tells us to stick together and support each other, no matter what we have been through and Harelighblu’s soulful voice is the perfect voice to deliver this message.

By Sophie Castillo

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