Creativity in Nottingham and what to do with it.

August 30, 2019


As you can probably already tell by our recent articles, we at Mimm love all things creative. What we strive to do here is create, not only a brand, but a community, an environment where people feel like they can achieve their creative goals. Why Nottingham? You might ask. Well, what many people don’t realise is just how much there is to utilise in this city. It’s easy to believe that the capital is the only place one can make it but that’s not true. Nottingham has a great creative scene, ranging from music to fashion to photography to journalism and all that’s in between, and we want people to realise it.

Having been born and raised in London, the supposedly creative capital, I believed that my creative career would take a back seat when I moved to Nottingham. I thought, now is the time to study and music and fashion will have to come later. I didn’t know how wrong I was. Nottingham has such a great community of young creatives and older creatives who are so happy to nurture and teach us all that they know. It was Nottingham that helped me start my modelling career and that helped me get my music rolling again.

But anyway, enough about me! I’m only one example of someone who Nottingham has helped creatively. The truth is my story is like many others. For example, Chantelle Street who we’ve written about before, moved to Nottingham because of how much she loves it and look how well she’s done. Brown Lion Zoo formed their band in Nottingham and gigged around Nottingham and propelled their career here. Jake Bugg, who I’m sure you’ve all heard of, was born and raised in Nottingham, the city which inspired many of his songs.

I’ve met a lot of people who are eager to get out, but it’s important to utilise what we’ve got. First of all, utilise your Uni if you go to uni and all that services it provides, whether that’s a society suited to your craft or equipment you can borrow from a specific department. Musicians, utilise BBC Introducing East Midlands! Dean Jackson is great at scouting out talent and eager to help artists kick start their career. He not only plays their tracks and reviews them live but also invites people in for interviews and sends your songs to other BBC stations across the country. This is how Jake Bugg got his big break and you could do the same. Also be sure to contact Nusic, get your songs played on their podcast with a simple online submission and you can even get featured in LeftLion Magazine which is available all over Nottingham! Nusic have an incredible FAQ page which gives musicians all sorts of amazing advice for how to get your music out there in Nottingham. Like us at Mimm, they’re huge Nottingham advocates. Photographers, don’t miss out on the great visual locations Nottingham provides, from abandoned carparks to the beautiful greenery of Wollaton park. Fashion people, don’t forget about the amazing and affordable charity shops in Nottingham, not just in the centre but also in places like Bilborough where you can get great second hand finds for as little as £1. For those of you who don’t know, Nottingham was once the pioneer of fashion in England as it was the biggest producer of lace in the UK, hence where Lace Market got its name from. Let’s get it back to that level. Creatives, utilise Notts TV; they love having guests on their show to discuss their work and imagine how excited it would be to be live on TV.

If everybody comes together, we can show the rest of the country and all of the people who move here just how great Nottingham is and how great it can be. One of the things we can really be grateful for is the amazing support I can guarantee you will find in this city. Rather than everyone fighting for a spot at the top, people want to help each other and I can say from first-hand experience that this is honestly the case. Link up, network and socialise with like-minded and creative individuals and everything else will follow. I’ll link all of the organisations I’ve mentioned down below. Have faith in yourself and remember what you’ve got. We got lucky with this one I promise you.


BBC Introducing:

Photography by Thomas Griffiths

Instagram: @_thomasgriffiths

By Sophie Castillo

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