Chantelle Street: building an empire.

August 20, 2019

Picture by Thomas Griffiths.

If you haven’t heard of her, where have you been? Chantelle Street is a big name in Nottingham; she knows the ins and outs of the city, the people and the culture and equally, they know her. Most significantly, she has nurtured an empire. Chantelle is the epitome of proactive, having used every experience in her life, good or bad, and turned them into something positive, something creative, and something fruitful. If Chantelle was a jack of all trades then, she’s certainly a master of all now, having started her grind since a very young age and having channelled that young ambitious energy into a thriving career. A 23 year old entrepreneur, model, DJ, actress, YouTube and social media guru and all-round creative are only some of the titles we can give to this DIY queen. Inspired by her go-getter attitude, we decided to interview her and share her story. Read our Q&A with Chantelle Street below:

How did you get started and when did you realise you wanted to build your own empire?

Everything started when I was 12, living in a children’s home and having to make the best of a bad situation. We got £5 a week in pocket money and I learnt that I could flip that into £10 by selling fags and sweets at school. The education system was something I couldn’t stand as I loved learning, but HATED being told what to do. So I got kicked out of three schools and then luckily found a school that specialised in performing arts. I remember being in a detention whilst an audition for the school show was going on, I jumped up to have a go at singing and got a main part. From that the care-system promised that if I could get into a drama school, they’d pay for me to go and train and live in another city. This was my first taste of working towards a goal. I won a 50% scholarship to Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama and attended an intense few years of training in ballet, music, acting etc. This really opened my eyes to the power of discipline. However, I was only 16 and very emotionally unprepared for that journey so dropped out and started partying… a-lot. It was here that I discovered the local music scene and started Rapture (a club-night) every Saturday at Bar Eleven. 

You post a lot about having a good mind-set, what keeps you grounded and motivated?

My morning routine involves writing down ten things I’m grateful for as soon as I wake, thirty minutes of meditation and visualising my goals and then a workout. If I don’t do this in the morning, my mind usually suffers. I choose to surround myself with other motivated people as well. 

What’s your goal and what do your hope to achieve through all of your hard work?

I was born in The Philippines which is extremely poor so sometimes I receive pictures from my relatives of my cousins dying or suffering severe illnesses from lack of health-care. My life goal is to become as big of an influence as my idols and finance some serious projects to help people in less privileged countries. I’d also love to give back to the care-system.

Who are your biggest Nottingham inspirations?

 Of course, Nate. Not only for everything he has achieved but for how humble he has stayed throughout. He genuinely cares about the Nottingham community and looks after people beyond his circle. There’s so many to name…Damon (pond life) Bru-C and Lukas (Wigflex). These were the people that inspired me to be who I am today. 

How do you feel about the end of Living with the Ex?

It was a crazy experience filming everything that happened in that time but I’m glad it’s over as mine and Tevin’s friendship has grown stronger from it. You will see a lot of him in the new show.

Tell us a bit about Rapture; what is it and what’s the plan? How did you guys all come together?

Like I said Rapture started as a club-night, but we are now focussing on filming Nottingham’s first reality show which is about Rapture and features The Rapture Girls. I called a meeting on a group of Nottingham girls who are either DJs, entrepreneurs, musicians, models or stylists and we’ve decided to give people an insight into our lives whilst showcasing the girls’ talents through vlogs. The plan is to develop the show and one day get the girls booked around the world.

What’s next for Chantelle Street?

 It’s full steam ahead on the YouTube Show now; but keep an eye on events we might bang out in the future. 

As we can see, Chantelle is a professional and knows exactly what she’s doing; yet, she remains humble and appreciative of her roots and has channelled everything that she has been through into the creation of her brand. Her goal to give back to the Philippines and the care system is gracious and moving and her dedication and devotion to her work shows just how intelligent and grounded she is. Definitely look out for this star; big things are coming.

Instagram: @chantellestreet

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