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August 22, 2019

Finding new artists that not only produce amazing art but are also young, relatable and at the start of their most certainly prosperous careers, is nothing less than epic. Finding out they’re local is the cherry on top. The members of the four piece band Brown Lion Zoo met at the University of Nottingham’s band society; upon forming this perfect union, they produced the alternative, indie sound they bring us today.

For such a new band, they are most certainly accomplished. Although they all stem from different parts of the country, they’ve really risen through Nottingham, performing around the city, building a fanbase and working hard to progress through the industry – something we always respect in our Notts inspirations. Because they’re so great, they’ve done bits. They’ve been on BBC Introducing East Midlands several times, played Dot to Dot festival, and were even added to the Hot New Bands playlist by Spotify. One of their favourite achievements was winning the Band App competition in which they were chosen by BBC Introducing to play Y Not Festival. Playing a festival is an absolute dream so hats off to them for their well-deserved spot on the Allotment stage!

Looking back to 2018, the moment I first heard their single ‘I Lied’, I was truly impressed at the talent and professionalism the track conveyed. The production? Radio-worthy. The vocals? Sultry and echoed in that edgy alternative way we all love. The melody? Catchy in a way that makes you want to admit you ‘lied’ in perfect harmony with the boys of the band. Truly though, I was impressed and excited that such a cool band was based in Nottingham and we as the city’s people would have the pleasure of seeing them grow first-hand. Fast forward to 2019 and we’ve now witnessed more singles, an EP, and their most recent release ‘Reset, Realign’, and of course, we love it. ‘Reset, Realign’ blessed our ears after a bit of a quiet period for the band, where they essentially reset and realigned after a slight drought. We can confirm that they most definitely put that resetting and realignment period to good use because everything about the song most definitely aligns. The new single is melodic and has that rough dark sound to it that makes the alternative pop – pop as in the verb, definitely not the noun. There’s something kind of sensual about the slow-ish melody over the grungey bass and we’re definitely digging it. The drum intro at the start gives us the perfect teaser to what is ultimately a great song. And of course, we have to mention Brown Lion Zoo’s classic and dare I say, iconic, “fuzzy” breakdown which graces the sound of this tune as well as their others, making it one of their staples. To conclude, they’ve given us everything we could ask for. To conclude, they’ve smashed it, again.

The way their band formed is organic and admirable, but also comes with an important message. Evidently, each of the members knew they wanted to pursue music, actively seeking out the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals by joining the band society. Looking at how far they’ve come shows us how important it is to basically shoot your shot and put yourself out there for great things. We have the Universe and I guess bandsoc to thank for putting these lads together so that we may be blessed with their music, but we also have the band to thank for creating such amazing tunes and for all of their hard work. As Nottingham locals, we’re just lucky to be able to witness this journey. Cheers to that.

Where can we find them next, you ask? They’ll be playing at the Bodega with Vega Bay on 21st September and at 31k for Hockley Hustle festival on 27th October. If you’re smart you’ll be there.

By Sophie Castillo

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