ANGER VS OPTIMISM: The Art of Tommy Spitters. Words by Maisie Hambleton

September 30, 2015

 I think its pretty safe to say that people these days are regularly being given more reason to grow resentful towards political systems and to stand against public injustice. Given topics such as the housing crisis and NSA surveillance to name (unfortunately) very few, there is no surprise in the recent influx of angry Facebook statuses and constant articles from ‘alternative’ news websites adding yet, more fuel to the fire amongst the people. Although, at some point we have all got to ask ourselves the question that is ‘what are we actually achieving my posting such things on social media?’ and ‘how far are we willing to go to actually make a stand?’ a question burning many peoples’ lips I am sure, including myself, who by the way holds my hands up to occasionally using social media as an outlet for my frustration.

Now Iet me introduce you to Tommy Spitters (a recent graduate from Brighton university) who brings these topics to the surface with his passionate and politically fuelled portfolio. Tommy’s work channels many frustrations with current political systems and public injustice into informative and brutalist visual forms. Now I’m not saying that Spitters is starting a revolution by producing his artwork but he certainly encourages us all to channel our frustrations into a productive means and abandon the keyboard warrior inside all of us: “I think the most important thing that I learnt was that it’s okay to be angry and to let that inform your work. It’s this anger or dissatisfaction with the world which has lead me to make the kind of work I do today”. Here is some of his best work... He is definitely one to watch!



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