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September 16, 2015 1 Comment


Michele Guidarini from Tuscany-Italy is a graphic designer by day and artist by night with a pretty dark aesthetic. After initially scrolling through google trying to find some information surrounding his super cool art (in English) and achieving nothing, I knew I had to approach Michele personally. Within the interview, Michele raised some super interesting points surrounding topics which often cause controversy and sees his artwork as a means of expressing his opinions. Here’s some of the stuff we chatted about…


‘So, what got you into art and what techniques do you use within your work?”

I originally studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence going from classical nude drawing, abstract oil painting without feeling any emotion and so on for four years..jumping from one school of painting to another, after that I applied what I had "learned" to my style, my way. Knowing more about the history of art, I could analyze my work, my journey, I knew I had to love and respect it, and understand its great communicative power. Now I continue to draw my complex world made up of people who live in there and those who have no sense in form but who properly communicate the “real world” people is strange.

The artistic tool that becomes part of me, is any type of pen and marker. Let's say that my arm could now be sponsored by Uniposca. It is the tool that technically allows me to express myself in the perfect way. The way I work has not evolved, let's say that it has enriched and has acquired a meaning.


“I noticed a lot of religious symbolism in your work, does this have any deeper meaning, and if not- what kind of statements do you try to make with your work?”

 Usually I do not explain why I put a crucifix or a swastika in my works. I leave the public free to interpret so I can always convey different messages to much people at the same time. The crucifix can symbolize faith, spirit, soul, our unconsciousness, something which can protect or destroy us, something that marked our lives, in some ways, my life. A philosophy of life. The theatricality of our story. A well written fairy tale. An insult for someone, a pendant for others. It does not represent christianity by any mean: it is only two crossed lines, a logo, worked out to perfection, which expresses thousands of ideas. Do you get it? (He laughs) My purpose is taking advantage of what has already been exploited and squeezed by society. By misrepresenting a masses product and giving it new life throughout fantasy, people are left puzzled, they cannot find a meaning, they do not understand why but ask themselves questions and they get interested into new ways of interpretation of things.


“So, what kind of stuff do you have faith in which inspires your work if a crucifix to yourself is nothing but a ‘logo’?”

I believe in human strength, in talents, in gestures. I believe that everything, good or bad whatever it could be in life, depends on ourselves or at least on casualty, not on something mystic, supernatural, religious. We are used to connect absurd things just because we are not able to explain them otherwise. In this way, the support of a mystic thought makes everything more fascinating.

By Maisie May Hambleton  


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