The fashion brand making a difference for the homeless!

January 07, 2020 1 Comment

The fashion brand making a difference for the homeless!

4BYSIX is a Streetwear brand which was founded in London by Graphic Design student Alex Dawber. The Graphic Design graduate begin the project alone and it wasn't until 4 years until he met him business partner Milo Phillips, and the two still run the business now. The brand gives an alternative method to supporting the homeless by running campaigns and workshops in aid to raise money for the homeless and to awareness of the current crises.

The brands ethos is to ensure that every piece of clothing has a direct impact on somebody else who is less fortunate by donating something off the back of every purchase. Over time they have built up a community project of knitters in different knitting clubs that will knit hats and give them to the brand which they then pass on to the homeless. By speaking to the homeless it allows them to find out what will help the most, and they can often react quickly to the needs. 

For the year 2020, the next mission is to try and raise money to convert an iconic London double-deck bus in to a living space. Any money which is raised will go towards providing a creative portal and rehabilitation centre on the bottom deck as well as 16 beds on the upper deck. With the current status showing over £5,000 in the donations bank, the guys are well on the way. 

This past month they hosted a 3 day art exhibition at Leydens London, selling merchandise as well visual and contemporary art. The event bought many successful British creatives together, including designer Alicia Robinson who collaborated with 4BySix to design a one-of-a kind knitwear sweater. 

You can donate too should you wish, please follow the instructions via the link below!


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