[ART] James Jarvis’ monochrome world

Britain’s James Jarvis started off as a freelance illustrator and toy designer back in 1994 who just had his first exhibition in Tokyo’s HHH gallery collaborating with Nike SB. He drew a repeat pattern by hand, which Nike has used to decorate some shoes and create a new collection, which dropped on April 25th. Black & White Free SB’s are plastered with his sketches representing skateboarding being a philosophy more than a sport. Haven’t exhibited in Japan for 15 years, his “No more negative space” show analyses the connections between art, skateboarding, architecture, philosophy and pop culture. 50 drawings of his signature mascot (b&w art) between 2013 and 2015 are being shown in the gallery; he even made some watercolour artwork considering the fact his drawings have always been monochrome. “That's reactionary middle-age for you.”- he says.

Words By Marija Marc




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