[ART] RAGE5 : Anti Commericalism Art

There isn’t too much to read online or to be written about when it comes to the mysterious RAGE5, a rad graffiti writer based in Montreal who’s work does the talking. He joined the street art scene with his ‘King Shit’ poster series and since then his work can be found on freight trains and on the streets of Montreal, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and the US. RAGE5’s work is immensely diverse, “I guess I rock a bunch of different street art styles because I get bored of my artwork so quick”, RAGE5 uses a mix of different mediums varyaing from wheatpasting posters of his friends then spontaneously covering them with his artwork to drawing continuous marker pen line drawings onto trains and walls. However RAGE5 produces all his work for one reason, to quite literally say ‘fuck you’ to the commercial art world. He features eyes frequently in some of his work, these apparently representing metaphorical goggles that he had to find in order to see through the pretentiousness and misconceptions within the commercial art world. RAGE5’s message is producing work to please and challenge only yourself- not the art critics who have such a profound position within the art industry, “no one knows exactly what went into the work as much as you, so as long as you know you challenged yourself, fuck anyone who says otherwise”. Potentially a mentality former creatives can take something from. Here are some of the pieces we think are the coolest…

Words By Maisie May Hambleton





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