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[MUSIC] New De La Soul LP - First Track 'God It' Ft. Nas

April 24, 2015

So if 2015's Hip-Hop that's been released/caressed our eager eardrums-Kendrick's new album funking everybody up, an album brought out by Rockstar inspired by the Grand Theft Auto games simply named, 'Welcome to Los Santos' featuring gems from Ab-Soul, gritty Indiana hailing Freddie Gibbs, and Action Bronson- wasn't enough, we've now been blessed with the news that, De La Soul are releasing a brand new LP, titled 'And The Anonymous Nobody'. Yes. The April studio time for the album to be able to be recorded was funded by faithful fans (nearing $500,000 in just one month), features artists they've collaborated with in jam sessions such as Damon Albarn, Little Dragon and 2 Chainz(to name a few) and centres around a feeling of humbleness, positive thinking and unity, to celebrate, they have given us a present in the form of a new track, titled 'God It' (and there's no doubt about that). Although it's not going to be featured on the new album, they have released it just for fun and to give us a teaser. And how could the news be even better? They've only gone and got one of the best and most influential rappers of all time, Nas, to lace the jazzy, bumping track with a smooth and laid back hook. It sounds like they're showing us they still got it, but we know it never went, however I'm not going to complain! On speaking about the new album, which will not only be the group's 8th album, but also their first one in 11 years (11!) the group said in an interview with Rolling Stone 'No egos, no seniority, no bosses, just a group of equal 'nobodies' working towards one goal: making music' and that sounds refreshing. This track really is another one to add to your summer playlist and bop your head to in that sunshine. After listening to this comes great anticipation for the new album, which is set to be released later on this year. And what can I say, for me it seems De La Soul have definitely still 'God It'...


By Amelia lespeare


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